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Arrow Launcher is, as the name suggests, a Launcher, an application launcher for Android smartphones.
Once installed, Arrow Launcher offers three pages on the smartphone's home. The first, which is dedicated to contacts, displays the contacts you have recently saved and the contacts with whom you are exchanging most frequently.
Arrow Launcher's central page is a collection of recently installed and used apps, while the third and final page of the homepage is dedicated to notes and reminders stored on your smartphone. The application launcher itself displays the complete list of applications on the device, arranged in alphabetical order.
Finally, note that the pane with the applications located in the Quick Launch bar at the bottom of the screen can be deployed to display a total of 9 applications.

Arrow is an application launcher for Android that dramatically simplifies the Android experience. Its technology saves battery and memory. Light, fast and efficient, Arrow offers a unique experience and helps you organize all aspects of your personal and professional life by integrating the Bing, Wunderlist and Microsoft Office wallpaper.
Arrow allows you to search, launch and view your apps, stay in touch with friends and manage important aspects of your life. The application learns from you: the more you use it, the better it gets.

Main features: tailored to your needs

Arrow is easy to use and adapts to your habits.
• Applications: Quickly find useful applications. They are organized automatically according to your use
• Contacts: easily find and contact people important to you
• Reminders: Do not forget anything with built-in reminders. Integration with Wunderlist allows you to synchronize and consult your reminders on your PC, the web and your phone.
• Recent Items: Quickly access your recent photos, downloads, installations, and calls. Share your recent photos on WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, etc.

Other features: personalization, elegance and performance

• Widgets: Arrow is compatible with your favorite widgets and their shortcuts
• Customizable Dock: Access your favorite applications in the Dock from any screen
• Support for third-party icons packs: Apply a theme to your icons with a third-party icons pack
• Performance: Light, Arrow allows you to use your phone all day long due to optimized battery life and speed
Arrow is available anywhere in the world.


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Even more about Arrow

Microsoft Garage Project, Arrow was developed by the creators of Next Lock Screen, another productivity application for Android. Microsoft Garage transforms crazy ideas into concrete projects. Learn more:

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