EZ JavaScript


Creating web applications in JavaScript turns out to be a difficult task when you do not have a solid programming base. EZ JavaScript helps to work around this problem.

Main features

  -  Library: EZ JavaScript contains up to 50 predefined scripts to use for JavaScript encoding. They take into account the movements of texts and images accompanied by all possible trigger events during an Internet browsing.
  -  Mode of action: this software proposes several animations grouped in category. After choosing the actions to perform, the program generates a JavaScript code and displays it on its interface. This can be copied to the clipboard of the system.
  -  Customization: it is possible to modify the code created by EZ JavaScript to adapt it to the requirements of the user. Among other things, this software allows you to import images and insert hypertext links.
 -   EZ JavaScript is free to download.
 -   The created code can also be saved in the software resources for possible reuse.
 -   It is possible to change the appearance of the text to be displayed in the created JavaScript animations.

Younes Derfoufi

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