JavaScript Obfuscator
JavaScript Obfuscator is a program specially designed to protect JavaScript codes. Its compatibility also makes it possible to work with CSS codes. Other file formats are also readable and some can be opened by default after setting.

Main features

- Protection: JavaScript Obfuscator, as its name suggests, can convert codes incomprehensible to humans, but recognized by any browser. It is possible to work with the following file formats: JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion files and many more.
- Compression: to optimize or accelerate the loading of a web page, it is able to compress the file up to 70%. In this way, we also gain in bandwidth because the traffic on the network is reduced.
- Modification: it also facilitates the modification of a code. Just determine the words to replace and he will do the rest. This function avoids rewriting the code in its entirety. It also allows some correction without having to review the entire code.
- Lightweight and does not require much machine resource.
- Very good to protect the codes.
- intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface.

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