If you don’t use a password manager, you definitely need to. Many people use the same password for all of their accounts, which is definitely not a good idea whatsoever. Because if one of your accounts is hacked, then so is everything else. Another thing people do is use a simple password for their accounts. That makes you even more vulnerable to attacks and such. Dashlane Premium is one of the better password managers out there, in fact it’s a top-rated password manager and does support mobile as well as desktop devices. In fact, it even supports the fingerprint API on Android. Making it even easier to login and use Dashlane to store your passwords.

This VPN here, the Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, is our best selling VPN over on the Android Headlines store. VPN’s are equally as important as a password manager. When you are using a free WiFi network like the ones found at fast food places or even Starbucks, you can have your information stolen, because they are unsecured networks. This is why many security experts will say to never login to your bank account over a free WiFi network. As it’s just asking to get your information stolen. But with a VPN, all of your traffic is encrypted, so that you don’t have to worry about that happening to you.

In this bundle, you are getting Dashlane Premium which is typically $99.99, along with a three-year subscription to Hotspot Shield Elite VPN which is typically $79.99. Together you are getting them for just $69.99. However, it’s only available through August 16th.

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