For those who have been living in a cave and haven’t seen the sun in a while, Pokemon GO is an insanely popular game for both iOS and Android.  The game revolves around the user or trainer catching Pokemon in the real world and leveling up their trainer in the process.  For many people, Pokemon GO is a fun and addictive game.  However for others, it is a full fledged business opportunity.

On a site called Player Auctions, there is an interesting listing for a Pokemon GO account. This can be yours for the bargain price of $999,999.  What does almost a million dollars get you?  Other than 220,000 PokeBalls, it can net you a custom Pokemon GO account.  The buyer can tell the seller exactly what they want from the account and the seller will play the game to achieve all of the requested levels and perks.  Many sellers even employ others so several people are working on the same account.  They then split the profits.

All joking aside, there are much cheaper options for those who would like to purchase a Pokemon GO account. On a site called League Of Trading, a user managed to sell an account for $11,000. This account had a trainer level of 30 with a combat power in excess of 2000.  Both of those are extremely high level for Pokemon GO and would take users weeks or even months to achieve on their own.  Cheaper accounts can also be found on eBay and through local Craiglists ads.

Selling accounts has become a full time job for some people.  There have been reports of sellers making $2000 – $5000 per month selling Pokemon GO accounts.  Selling game accounts isn’t a new phenomenon.  People have been selling League of Legends and World of Warcraft accounts for years.  However with the rise in popularity of Pokemon GO, many sellers have been shifting their focus to adhere to the new clientele.

Pokemon GO has been a lucrative cash cow for Niantic, raking in over $200 million dollars in global revenue.  Within a week of release, Pokemon GO surpassed Candy Crush to become the most downloaded mobile app of all time.  With more updates and other features in the works, Pokemon GO appears to be set to continue its dominance in the mobile gaming category for a long long time.

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