WireTap Detection:

Dear friends, Hello and welcome again today I will talk to you about one of the most important topics that concern a lot of users is how to protect your phone android from spyware and malware that may leak your data and this is certainly something very dangerous The most dangerous methods of spying circulating is one of them eavesdropping On your personal phone calls and not only eavesdropping, but may often call your calls so you should take good precautions from those operations and today I will give you a wonderful application WireTap Detection, which can protect your phone from the risk of recording the machine Your mate.

This application is one of the most popular applications in the United States and is used by many people there, so today I will give you all the information about the application of WireTap Detection and how to use it and most importantly how to obtain it is available only in the United States but I will give you the ideal and legal way to get It is easy and without any trouble just follow the following paragraphs.

How to start using the WireTap Detection application:

Using the application is simple and simple. Simply open the application on your phone to show you the application interface as shown in the following picture. All you have to do until the application starts working on your phone is to click on the word Enable:
Now your phone has been protected and the app will display a notification if there is any case of a spy on your calls. If this message appears, you must check and secure all applications on your phone immediately and stop the Internet connection. You can turn off the application by pressing Disable:

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