Dear Friends, Welcome to a new topic, there are many applications that a very large number of users use as an alternative to social networking applications, so that the user does not download all the applications, he uploads a single application through which he can access all the applications that he needs OneLogin application is one of the most popular applications that perform this task but a little differently. It requires only one password before signing in to all your applications, which is used by a very large number of users, but unfortunately If you are using this application you are at high risk.

The developer said that there are a number of hackers who have been able to penetrate the database of this application and may have been able to access all user data. This means that these hackers may have the passwords of all your accounts and sites that register from Using the OneLogin application and for this dear user you should be very careful ..

How to protect your data from hacking OneLogin:

First, dear user Stop using the Internet from your smartphone Then delete the application from your phone immediately and quickly start to change all your passwords from all the accounts that you used through this application and prefer Dear user if your use of the application related to accounts Social Networking Only you can use the two step verification method, which you have explained before and which most networks use because of their powerful ability to maintain and secure your personal data

OneLogin statement about the hacking process:

The company also stated that it had hired one of the largest security companies in an attempt to close the breach through which the penetration was actually closed and immediately began to secure all user accounts The security official said that the instructions that all users must So that their account will not be affected by any damage caused by that process.

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