Python Game programming, creation from scratch: for children and teenagers, as well as their parents and teachers! Designed for a wide range of readers and students of programming. The Tkinter library is modern programming. Writing Games: Learning Python programming by writing simple games that demonstrate programming capabilities. Provides information on working with the Tkinter library, with which you can create serious programs with a convenient intuitive interface, an introduction to functional (procedural) programming, study the principles of building a program based on the rule "divide and conquer", which contributes to creative thinking and effective achievement result also in everyday life. How do I create a button? How to program an action by clicking on it? How do I display a message box? Laconic modern design, beauty and grace - this is Tkinter. Why this particular tutorial? I have been working as a computer science teacher for two decades and I am faced with one annoying thing. Most of the materials designed to "teach programming" do not really teach, but are a kind of language reference: syntax, functions, result. Agree, even if we learn the entire Russian-English dictionary, we won't speak English. Because for a conversation you need to know a thousand more subtleties: tenses, declensions, the use of pronouns and prepositions, and so on. In this tutorial, I talk not only about the Python language, but also lead the reader through reasoning, logical reasoning, answering not only the question "With what help?", But also "For what?" and why?" The whole theory will immediately be reflected in practice. MATERIAL STRUCTURE: - basic information about the Python language; - game architecture: on what principles are games built, what needs to be foreseen, how to build a data processing system; - tricks and tricks of the programmer: you cannot cheat fate, but you can (and should) make your work easier; - games: there are four games in this part: 1. "Guess the number." Purpose of the game: fun and analysis of number series. For children who are learning to count. You, if you are a parent, can write a game specifically for your child, putting your wishes in the program. 2. "Learn to count." Purpose of the game: development of counting skills. It is suitable for everyone in general - and even for adults who want to improve their skills and increase the speed of correct "mental arithmetic". 3. "Casino 678". Purpose of the game: anti-propaganda of gambling. When you write an algorithm with your own hands and, losing virtual money, you understand that you simply cannot win, the interest in gambling will disappear. Recommended for teenagers hoping to suddenly become rich with at least a million dollars and live happily ever after. 4. "Hippodrome". Purpose of the game: studying the Tkinter library, forming a windowed application (Windows), working with images, animating images in the program window, coordinate systems. Working with process parameters: changing the game situation based on randomness. The presented algorithms are aimed at educating: - understanding the principles of the processor; - practical ability to create and write algorithms in the language; - the ability to implement data processing with Python tools; - the ability to use modern high-level language facilities; - ... and popularization of creative pastime. You'll find: - basic algorithms for data processing; - practical advice and remarks based on many years of experience; - stages of designing algorithms for games; - a description of the work of the Tkinter library with practical examples; - tests to improve understanding of Python code. Please, if you liked the app, rate it and write a comment. Very motivating to continue working 🙂

Younes Derfoufi

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