The registry is a data storage space used by the Windows operating system. Most of your applications store configuration data in this registry.

Do you know that all the applications that you have downloaded to your computer (Word, Excel, open office, Adobe Reader ...) leave traces on your computer, that any program uninstalled even correctly by your care leaves a certain number of entries during of their uninstallation. In the end, as installations and uninstalls of software, programs, applications, the registry increases in volume and slows down the system.

It is therefore important to monitor this registry because a well-maintained registry is a guarantee of good speed of your computer. There are free tools to download on the Internet that can search for unused entries and clean them up quickly and efficiently. Nothing like a good pc cleaning from time to time! Who says booster Windows says booster pc when you go optimize your Windows. However, the use of such software may prove to be a computer neophyte, a puzzle and also, if these software is misused, they can do more harm than good. Speed ​​up Windows is not without risk.

Most programs that you find on the Internet to clean your registry are published in English. Fortunately, if you are not comfortable with the language of Shakespeare, many of them now offer you the opportunity to include French, it must be recognized sometimes easier for understanding.

The first thing to do, even if it's tempting, is not to program your software automatically but manually! It's much safer! In addition, some programs, if you made a mistake (it can happen!) You can restore a registry key deleted unfortunately.

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