With nearly 2 million members worldwide, Neobux with its friendly and enjoyable interface is the number one PTC (pay to click). Well-deserved leadership for a site that can really make you money. Explanations ...

So Neobux is to be tested immediately. It is a serious site and very well done!
7 years of existence for a reliable reliability in terms of payment.

NeoBux, how does it work?

NeoBux, site of "paid to click", allows its members to earn money "when they view the" advertisements "that is to say the advertisements. The 0.001 $ is not really exciting at first, but rest assured, it is possible to round comfortably his month ends as I will explain further. To really earn cash with Neobux, you have to establish a "godchild" program. We distinguish here two kinds of godchildren, direct and rent (users without godfather you rented).

First tips to start winning.

A / Principles of the zero investment method

1. Sign up for free, no need to upgrade, or invest money.

2. Make your 4 daily clicks for 20 days. Gains 0.04 x20 = 0.80 $

3. Then buy a pack of 3 godchildren for $ 0.80

4. Your daily activity on Neobux then earns you 10 cents (your personal 4 cents +12 clicks to 0.005 of your referrals, or 6 cents)

5. Renew the purchase of 3 referrals after 9 days ($ 0.10 / day x8 = 80cents)

6. Your daily earnings now amount to $ 0.04 + 24 clicks at 0.005 = $ 0.16

7. After 5 days, renew the purchase of 3 godchildren

8. You have entered the system ... here is the logical continuation:

9. Godchildren 1/3/50/100/200/400/800/1600

Earnings per month (if all referrals click daily):

$ 0.45 / $ 1.35 / $ 22.50 then $ 45 / $ 90 / $ 180, then another $ 360 / $ 720 ... and so on.

You will find on the net, true cases of types who live only Neobux, having managed to get a string of godchildren (direct or rented) and who receive 6000 dollars per month by clicking 4 times a day.

B / Investment method

For this method, which has the advantage of being faster and more profitable (normal: you invest a little cash), we must follow the following tips:

Buy a Golden Pack at $ 90 (this doubles the value of your clicks and those of your referrals)

Rent 100 referrals a week for 1 month.

And after, it's up to you to manage the good clickers and the bad ones, to optimize to the maximum your yields (it is necessary to get rid of a good third each time). With some of the money earned, reinvest in renting new referrals. The day (not so far that) or you will approach 800 or 1000 godsons, you can start to win very big..and live your clicks.

So at work!

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