If webmasters want to make their websites profitable, the big way to do it is through Adsense. There are a lot of webmasters who have had to fight to make money through their sites. But some of the most ingenious are reaping hundreds of dollars a day from Adsense ads on their websites.

Those who have gone there and have succeeded have some useful tips to help those who want to venture into this area. Some of these tips have stimulated many gains in the past and continue to do so.

Here are 4 proven ways to improve your Adsense earnings.

1. Focus on an Adsense Ads Format. The format of the one that worked well for the majority is the big rectangle (336x280). This format tends to result in higher clickthrough rates. Why choose this format among the many that you can use? Essentially because the ads look like normal web links, and people, who are used to clicking on them, will click on this type of link. They may not even know they are clicking on an ad, but as long as there are clicks, then everything will be to your advantage.

2. Create a custom palette for your ads. Choose a color that will go well with the background of your site. If your site has a white background, try using white as the color of your ad and the background border. The idea of ​​color structuring is to make the Adsense look as if it were part of the web pages. One more
times, this will result in more clicks from people visiting your site.

3. Remove Adsense from the bottom of your pages and put them up. Do not try to hide your ads. Put them where people can see them quickly. You will be amazed at the difference that the Adsense site can make on your winnings.

4. Keep links to relevant websites. If you think that some sites are better off than others, try to put your ads there. If there is already a lot of Adsense on a certain site, put yours on top of all of them. In this way, visitors will see your ads first on the navigation in this site.

These few tips worked well for many who generated hundreds or even thousands of dollars with their websites. It's important to know that Google is trying to offer ads that match the interests of the user. So you should focus on a main topic because the poster will be particularly targeted to a topic that interests the user.

Also note that there are many other Adsense advertisers who share the same subject as you. It is better to think about doing good advertising that will be somewhat different and unique than those already done.

These tips from those who have significantly increased their earnings are just the guidelines they want to share with you. If some have done wonders, you can do it too. Try them in your ads and see the result they will bring.

If others have done it, there is nothing wrong with trying it for yourself.

Younes Derfoufi

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