1 - Tags of an HTML document

An HTML page is structured using code snippets between hooks, called tags :


Here is a general description of the tags that constitute an HTML page:

  • An HTML document must be started with the tag HTML and finished with /HTML
  • The header of the document must be placed between the HEAD and / HEAD tags
  • Finally the body of the document must be placed between the tags BODY and / BODY

2 - Structure of an HTML document

After describing the tags that make up an HTML page in the previous paragraph, we can now build our own HTML page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>An Example of HTML document</title>
Here is an example of HTML page

3 - Displaying of an HTML page

To view an HTML page, several solutions are available to you, we will give you here the simplest!

For this you can use notpad ++ and follow the following steps:

  • Download free notepad ++
  • Install Notepad ++ , launch it, click on the File menu and choose New

  • Then click on the language menu and choose the HTML language

  • Now type your HTML code :

  • Finally click on the Run menu and choose Launch in chrome :

  • Here is what you need to get in your browser :

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