The Apache Foundation announced this week the availability of the NetBeans IDE in Release 9.0 Release Candidate.
One of the major contributions of Java 9 is the support of modularity with Jigsaw. Similarly one of the major contributions of NetBeans 9.0 Rc is the support of Jigsaw.
A new project type 'Java Modular' has been added to the tool. He developed several JDK9 modules in a NetBeans project.
NetBeans 9.0 RC supports JavaSchell. Java Shell has been introduced in JDK9 to provide read-eval-print-loop (REPL) capabilities, or in other words, bring an interactive loop to Java. NetBeans provides an integrated console-style user interface for JavaShell, leveraging the capabilities of the NetBeans editor. NetBeans can support the tool with user project configuration, so that Java Shell is configured to work with project classes and libraries.

NetBeans 9.0 RC still stands out, among many other novelties and improvements, by a more powerful profiling tool, and by the support of JDK 10 type inferences.

Netbeans 9.0 RC can be downloaded here.

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