This software is compiled with the aid of the Euphrates precise, right down to the finest information of the Python programming language and is created using file explaining in easy understandable way,
completely loose and does no longer comprise advertising.

Created for the improvement of the said project documentation is currently being maintained by volunteers beneath the leadership deal with and content material are often up to date.

This software is man or woman, it does not have a courting with different humans and companies, besides my birthday celebration. in case you think about objectionable content used if the utility, please contact me from the touch cope with.

predominant capabilities:

* completely unfastened
* No advert
* Offline content material

the principle subjects covered in practice:

- approximately Python
- the way to installation Python?
- how to Run Python?
- Interactive Python
- print () feature
- get away Sequences
- Saving and jogging programs
- running environment recommendation
- user to Get data
- Conditional circumstances
- Operators
- loops (Loops)
- mistakes capture
- Strings
- methods of String 1
- techniques of String 2
- methods of String three
- the String to layout
- lists and tuples
- techniques of Lists and Miracles
- Counting systems
- Numbers
- simple record Operations
- strategies and residences of file
- Binary (* * Binary) files
- simple conversation model
- individual Encoding (* person Encoding *)
- Bytes (Bytes) and byte arrays (bytearrays)
- Dictionaries
- methods of Dictionary
- units and sets Frozen
- features
- Embedded features
- superior functions
- Modules
- Packets
- regular Expressions
- datetime Module
- os Module
- random Module
- sys Module
- time Module
- Database Programming with Sqlite
- item-orientated Programming 1
- item-oriented Programming 2
- object-oriented Programming three
- object orientated Programming 4
- object-oriented Programming five
- item-orientated Programming 6
- item-oriented Programming 7
- Curses what's it?
- f-string
- evaluation and Disclosure Clauses
- threading - Threading based totally Parallelism
- timeit - the working Time measurement of Small parts Code

it's miles written in Python + Kivy portsentry.
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