Browse the Internet using only your voice? This is the idea behind the curious Mozilla Scout Project.

With the advent of connected speakers and smart assistants, the general public is becoming more accustomed to giving voice to manage their digital life: making appointments in the agenda, order meals in delivery or reading emails and texting. But surfing the Internet is not one of these new uses. However, the Mozilla Foundation seems to be thinking about a project for a voice controllable Internet browser.

In any case, this is the title and description of a workshop organized at the Mozilla Foundation's All Hands 2018 meetings. Entitled "Technical Requirements for a Voice Browser", the workshop was about an application called Scout, with which Mozilla intends to "start exploring the navigation and consumption of content with voice". Workshop participants were invited to discuss "the architecture and key components needed for a voice platform, the capabilities required of these components and the challenges of working with the limitations and limitations of existing platforms" .
As we understand, this project seems to be in its infancy and for the moment, the very idea of ​​an Internet browser responding to voice commands seems both absurd and complicated. But it could make its way, especially with the arrival of speakers equipped with a screen. Finally Mozilla seems to glimpse a future where browsing the Internet could be done without a keyboard, touch screen or mouse ... But after all, who imagined there are still 5 years talking a box in his living room to order a pizza?

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