Hide Files Andrognito:

We may need many times to hide many files on our Android phones whether these files images or videos or written files such as files roses and Excel, but we do not know what is safe and safe way to hide them to keep them from loss or damage and that's why we will talk In this article about one of the most important applications that will do this task very quickly and without the need for a lot of explanation is the application Hide Files Andrognito.

The Hide Files Andrognito application is a combination of two words, the first word Android and the second Incognito, which means hiding files android is hiding files by typing your own password and can only return the appearance of these files through this application.

Key Features of Hide Files Andrognito:

Can be downloaded easily and without any problems on any type of Android phones.
It protects your files by PIN code.
The application of Hide Files Andrognito does not require the powers of routine and that is a great advantage.

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