For Ubisoft, cloud gaming is the future of video games and will replace home consoles. Explanations.

The CEO of UBisoft took advantage of the E3 show to present his vision of the video game market: it will move! According to Yves Guillemot, the next consoles of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may well be the last. Before giving way to cloud gaming.
Yves Guillemot explains that the living room consoles as we know them for decades will disappear. Streaming will take over, becoming accessible to all. To anticipate the trend, major players in the industry have already launched their online gaming platform. Google with Yeti, but also Shadow, or Sony with its PlayStation Now. At Ubisoft, the Sam platform is at the forefront of this strategic sector.

For now, the market is still quite closed, but in a few years, these cloud gaming platforms will have dethroned the consoles. For the CEO of Ubisoft, the switchover will be done when screens will broadcast games in HD on the Internet. This is undoubtedly the signal that the market expects, as this evolution will allow qualified AAA games to be broadcast entirely online. Before getting there, we must first work on accessibility to games. On smartphone or TV screen, access must be simple, fast and without console. Using streaming would also make it possible to change the economic model, in order to favor multiplayer games on the Internet. Because yes, unlike solo games, these multiplayer games are real machines to retain players, according to Ubisoft, and generate cash. Over time, this allows publishers of these games to no longer depend on the frequent release of new titles.

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