The deposit of an N64 mark in Japan raises rumors of the (likely) arrival of the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini.

The NES Classic Mini has been a success, and is poised to return to the front of the stage. The Super Nintendo Classic Mini is selling like hotcakes ... Why stop surfing on the backdrop of the nostalgic who has seized geeks, gamers and even the general public? Not surprisingly, it seems that Nintendo is setting the stage for the release of a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini.

Indeed, as noted by the JapaneseNintendo website, Big N has recently registered the N64 mark in its home country. This mark covers a use for a video game machine, video games, but also controllers and joysticks ... Certainly, it could well be that this brand deposit does not mean anything, but a few weeks from the beginning of the show videogame E3, the coincidence is quite disturbing.
Another fun fact, it's also a branded deposit - in Europe this time around - that set fire to rumors about the Super Nintendo Classic Mini last year ... So what about the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini or not? It will be necessary to wait at the beginning of June to have the answer ... Even if it is difficult to imagine why Nintendo would give up to continue on the path of the success.

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