The iPhone in universal pass
Apple will multiply the functionality of the NFC chip of its iPhone in a future update.

Do you know Near-Field Communication or NFC technology? It is this means of secure wireless communication that allows for example the payment without contact on a bank card or to validate a transport card. Like many other smartphones, the iPhone also embeds an NFC chip but its use is rather limited. But more necessarily for a long time, because Apple is preparing to give it many more possibilities.
According to the website The Information (link in English), the Cupertino company could use its salon to announce a tough update of the features of the NFC chip. For example, The Information talks about the collaboration between Apple and the security system company HID that allows employees of Apple HQ to access their offices by simply using their iPhone to identify themselves to the terminals. security.
Technically, this update would allow you to use your iPhone to open compatible locks, but also unlock a vehicle, pay on a contactless terminal or even replace the Navigo transport pass that Parisians know well. But of course, compatibility will have to be on both sides.
We expect the information from Apple, especially in terms of security, on these news. But be aware that all the iPhone in service since 2014 could benefit.

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