More precision on the PSVR 2 helmet
For PSVR 2, Sony will push the limits of virtual reality headsets, with a screen 3 times more accurate.

 The next model of PSVR could embark a screen 3 times sharper than the current model. At Sony, the project would be to design a screen with a much higher pixel density than the first PlayStation VR headset. What makes virtual reality even more attractive.

To achieve this feat, the size of the LCD will be reduced, and would go from 5.27 inches for the current model, to 3.25 inches. This would reduce the size and weight of the next generation of helmet. With this new screen, farewell the black lines between the pixels and the hindrance of a sail effect. This is one of the major problems of Sony's current model. The definition is lower than the competition, with pixels per inch of 386 for the PSVR, against 461, 448 and even 615 for the HTC Vive Pro model. The PSVR 2 must therefore succeed in catching up, with according to press reports, two screens per headset: a screen with a density of 1001 PPI, and the other with 803 PPI.

Let's not forget that in terms of virtual reality, Sony has hit hard with the launch of its helmet. PSVR remains the best-selling around the world, but competing products are convincing more and more new followers. PSVR 2 could therefore land at the same time as the commercialization of the PS5. The new console (very) expected for 2020 could then position itself as the essential device for fans of virtual reality.

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