Google has introduced mini-games in its new advertising format on smartphone.

This is the format that is currently hot on mobile: mini-advertising games. Google is banking on this trend with a new type of smartphone advertising. Its Google AdMob platform integrates mini-games directly into the heart of the ads. Unless it's the other way around ...

Make ads more acceptable to smartphone users. The goal is always the same when we talk about mobile ads. The current test on the Google Admob platform (link in English) offers a truly interactive and original solution. The format is that of an award-winning commercial. Advertisers place mini-games inside other mobile games or apps. The player receives a reward, for example by avoiding spending money for an extra life. And if the mini-game pleases the user, he can decide to download it and win a reward in the game.
In the very crowded mobile games market, it's hard to find a place. Too many advertising formats are invading the interfaces. To get by at the top, advertising interactivity could be a track. In any case, Google wants to prove that this alternative model is better for players and publishers. It remains to be seen if the format manages to interest and keep users in the game as long as possible. Current tests on the Google Admob platform will be critical.

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