Your Android smartphone is too slow, here are 10 tricks needed to speed it up and remove the slow factors. We explain to you why your phone slows down over time and how to remedy this problem too often. You are told everything afterwards.

Unlike iOS, Android devices offer many options to customize its terminal. One of them allows to accelerate the animations of its smartphone. Despite the fact that you own the latest high-end smartphone running Android, you may find that the animations of the latter are a bit too slow. In order to remedy this, you can use this simple trick to speed up your smartphone and that does not require any third-party application installation or thorough knowledge of your smartphone or the OS that it ships.

A simple but effective trick

To begin, it is necessary to access the hidden options for developers of your OS. To do this, simply go to the settings of your mobile, and choose the "General" tab and choose the option "About your device". On the new window that appears on the screen, tap "Version number" until the message "Developer mode has been activated" appears.
You can then go back to the "General" tab using the back button. If you have followed the previouse instructions, you should see a new option "Development option". Click on it and on the new menu that appears, scroll through the list until you find the following three parameters: "Scale animation transition", "Scale animation window" and finally "Scale of animator duration". These three settings will speed up your smartphone.
Normally you will have to find the normal value for these three parameters which is 1x. To speed up the animation, you only need to change its three parameters by changing their values. After changing the three values, you should restart your smartphone and the acceleration due to these changes Should normally operate in a spontaneous manner. However, if you do not like it, you just have to do it again, but this time you should reset the values ​​to 1x, without forgetting to restart your smartphone so that the values ​​are taken.

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