Python ultimate manual is an app that will help you study python programming language, it's miles intended for superior programmers and also novices ! the app includes a fixed of training divided in three sections :

The novices section inclusive of eight classes :

* introduction approximately python programming language.
* Python Syntax.
* Variables in python.
* Operators in python.
* Python decision manage
* distinctive types of Loops in python
* Numbers in python.
* Strings in Python.

The intermediate section which includes 8 instructions :

* list records shape in python.
* Tuple information shape in python.
* Dictionaries in python.
* managing Date & Time in python.
* the use of and calling features in python.
* uploading and developing modules in python.
* growing files and dealing with I/O in python.
* Exceptions in python.

The advanced segment with 6 training :

* OOP in python.
* everyday expressions in python.
* Python CGI programming.
* the way to paintings with databases in python.
* Networking in python.
* Multithreading in python.

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