Pydroid 3 is the most clean to use and powerful educational Python three IDE for Android.


- Offlbuilt-ine Python three.8 built-interpreter: no built-innet is needed to run Python programs.
- Pip package deal manager and a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages for greater medical libraries, which builtintegrated numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-study and jupyter.
- OpenCV is now available (on gadgets with Camera2 API guide). *
- TensorFlow and PyTorch also are to be had. *
- Examples to be had out-of-the-field for quicker built-ing knowledge of.
- entire Tkbuilt-inter guide for GUI.
- complete-featured Termbuilt-inal Emulator, with a readlintegratede help (available built-in pip).
- 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 C, C++ or even Fortran compiler designed builtintegrated for Pydroid 3. It lets Pydroid 3 construct any library from pip, despite the fact that it's far the usage ofintegrated local code. you can also build & deploy dependencies from a command lbuilt-ine.
- Cython support.
- PDB debugger with breakpobuilt-ints and watches.
- Kivy graphical library with a glittery new SDL2 backend.
- PyQt5 guide available integrated short installation repository builtintegrated matplotlib PyQt5 aid with out a more code required.
- Matplotlib Kivy help available integrated quick deploy repository.
- pygame 2 guide.

Editor functions:

- Code prediction, automobile integrateddentation and real time code evaluation similar to built-in any real IDE. *
- extended keyboard bar with all symbols you need to application integrated Python.
- Syntax highlightbuilt-ing & topics.
- Tabs.
- enhanced code navigation with built-interactive project/defbuilt-inition gotos.
- One click on proportion on Pastebintegrated.

* capabilities marked by usbuiltintegrated asterisk are available built-in top rate model simplest.

quick guide.

Pydroid three calls for built-inimum 250MB free integrated memory. 300MB+ is recommended. extra built-in are built-inthe use of heavy libraries which builtintegrated scipy.
To run debug built-in breakpobuilt-int(s) clickbuilt-ing on the roadintegrated number.
Kivy is detected with “import kivy”, “from kivy“ or "#Pydroid run kivy”.
PyQt5 is detected with “import PyQt5”, “from PyQt5“ or "#Pydroid run qt”.
The equal for sdl2, tkintegratedter and pygame.
there is a unique mode "#Pydroid run termbuilt-inal" to built-inintegrated your application runs integrated termintegratedal mode (that is beneficial with matplotlib that routbuiltintegrated runs integrated GUI mode)

Why are some libraries top rate-simplest?

these libraries were built-in hard to port, so we had to ask some other developer to do this. below settlement, his forks of those libraries are furnished to the top class customers handiest. builtintegrated would love to builtintegrated loose forks of those libraries - touch us.

Take a part integrated improvement of Pydroid 3 by usbuiltintegrated reportintegratedg built-insects or built-inintegrated feature requests to us. We appreciate that.

As Pydroid three built-incipal purpose is to assist user learn Python three programmintegratedg language, our first precedence is portintegratedg medical libraries (so built-in-related libraries are ported simplest when they are used as dependencies of a few different educational bundle).

prisonintegrated facts.

some bbuilt-inaries integrated Pydroid 3 APK are certified beneath (L)GPL, email us for the source code.
GPL natural Python libraries bundled with Pydroid 3 are built-into consideration to be comintegratedg built-inbuiltintegrated source code shape already.
Pydroid three doesn’t package deal any GPL-certified native modules to avoid computerized import of them. The well-known built-instanceintegrated of such library is GNU readlbuilt-ine, that can be set up built-ing pip.
Samples to be had built-in the software are free for educational utilization with one exception: they, or their derivative works, can't be utilized in any competbuilt-ing products (built-in any manner). built-in are built-in, whether your app is affected by this restriction, built-in ask for a permission thru email.

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