It is a simple HTML editor, you can color the syntax: nodes, attributes, JavaScript, CSS, between the different syntaxes of web programming.

Text editor with support for the following formats:

".txt", ".html", ".xml", ".css", ".js", ".md", ".markdown", ".php", ".py", ".script", ".cs", ".java", ".rb"
".aspx," .cshtml "," .vbhtml "," .go "," .c "," .h "," .cc "," .cpp "," .hh "," .hpp "," .pl "," .pm "," .t "," .pod "
".m", ".f", ".for", ".f90", ".f95", ".asp", ".json", ".wiki", ".lua", ".r", ".key", ".log"

It's getting late and you have to submit a web project, which you expect to download "Text Editor" to complete your project from your Android device, and best of all, it's free and ad-free.

Text Editor is offered by Luna Inc.

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