In case you take a look at programming and want to discover ways to write code, in case you are new to programming, or have already gathered to bypass pc technology checks: right here you are! The utility generates school-degree programming tests, serves as an assistant in preparing for laptop technology tests, and acts as a reliable platform for setting primary competencies in constructing algorithms and processing records. Programming languages: Python, C ++, Java or Pascal, or all collectively (you can choose from the menu).

Attention! The compiler for the Pascal programming language is still underneath development. Updates in the close to destiny!

To recognize a programming language, you want to learn how to recognize the language. For this, programming exams that require you to immerse your self in code common sense, mathematical calculations, and an information of algorithms are a super tool. you can select topics your self, education talents, getting used to syntax and expression.

You could become a distinctly professional programmer simplest quick and correctly expertise the algorithm of this system and finding answers: for this you want education and exercise, which the application will absolutely offer. The programming languages ​​wherein the duties are written: Python, C ++, Java and Pascal.

The utility incorporates topics:
- mathematical operations;
- movements with variables;
- situations;
- for loop;
- while loop;
- cycles and situations;
- one-dimensional lists (arrays);
- features;
- recursion;
- two-dimensional lists (arrays).

The responsibilities use the following algorithms:
- search for minimum and most numbers;
- checking the multiplicity of numbers;
- choice from massive information arrays;
- calculation of data by using criterion;
- change of variable values;
- locating the best not unusual component ( methods);
- sorting and sorting by means of situation;
- transformation of matrices and much extra.

For instructors: you can make programming tests using the software, deciding on the important topics. integral within the guidance of a selection of stories, for conducting a circle on programming, for self-training.

For schoolchildren and college students, their parents: in case you intend to research a programming language, this software will serve you properly!

The score system calculates the level of your knowledge of the fundamental information processing mechanisms of programming languages.

The texts of the applications are transmitted to you at the situation of indicating an instantaneous link to the official web page for putting in the utility; work individually or in businesses with students; publishing responsibilities on the net or on educational assets is unlawful. using tests to derive industrial benefits without the consent of the author is illegitimate.

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