About QPython 3L
QPython is the Python engine for android. It incorporates a few awesome functions consisting of Python interpreter, runtime environment, editor, QPYI and SL4A library. It makes it smooth so that it will use Python on Android. And it is free.
QPython already has thousands and thousands of customers worldwide and it is also an open supply project.
For extraordinary usage scenarios, QPython has two branches, specifically QPython Ox and 3x.
QPython Ox is in particular aimed at programming beginners, and it affords more friendly functions for novices.
this is the QPython 3L, it's far specifically for knowledgeable Python users, and it affords a few advanced technical capabilities.
- Offline Python three interpreter: no net is needed to run Python applications
- It helps walking a couple of sorts of tasks, which include: console program, SL4A program, webapp software
- handy QR code reader for shifting codes in your cellphone
- QPYPI and a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages for more desirable medical libraries, such as numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-research and so on
- clean-to-use editor
- integrated & extended SCRIPT LAYER FOR ANDROID LIBRARY (SL4A): IT helps you to power THE ANDROID paintings WITH PYTHON
- accurate documentation and customer service

# SL4A capabilities
With SL4A capabilities, you may use Python programming to control Android work:

- Android Apps API, including: software, interest, purpose & startActivity, SendBroadcast, PackageVersion, gadget, Toast, Notify, Settings, alternatives, GUI
- Android resources manager, such as: contact, area, phone, Sms, ToneGenerator, WakeLock, WifiLock, Clipboard, NetworkStatus, MediaPlayer
- 0.33 App Integrations, which include: Barcode, Browser, SpeechRecongition, SendEmail, TextToSpeech
- Hardwared supervisor: Carmer, Sensor, Ringer & Media volume, screen Brightness, Battery, Bluetooth, SignalStrength, WebCam, Vibrate, NFC, USB

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it could REQUIRE THE BLUETOOTH / area / READ_SMS / SEND_SMS / CALL_PHONE AND other PERMISSIONS, so you CAN software ITH those features. QPYTHON WILL no longer USE those PERMISSIONS IN history.

in case you GET EXCEPTION IN RUNTIME even as using SL4A API, PLEASE check whether THE applicable PERMISSIONS in the system SETTINGS ARE ENABLED.

# how to Get expert customer support
Please follow the guide to get aid

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[ FAQ ]
A: Why cannot i take advantage of the SMS API of SL4A
Q: due to the fact Google Play and some app stores have strict requirements on the permissions of apps, in QPython 3x, we use x to distinguish branches with specific permissions or appstores. for example, L method restricted and S manner sensitive.
from time to time you can't use the corresponding SL4A APIs because the model you mounted does no longer have the corresponding permissions, so that you can remember update what you've got established with the right one.

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