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this is the most entire Python three direction that you could discover in Spanish, completely realistic and all of the training are defined through examples, so that they can be without problems understood.
The one-of-a-kind methods of executing a Python program are explained, even on line, so that you can practice the examples which are explained in every subject matter yourself. these are the main topics covered on this Python direction. every topic is defined in a sensible way through examples, to facilitate learning:

methods to run a program in Python
Variables, numbers, and data conversions
text strings (string features and print formats)
Keyboard text input
mathematics operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,?)
mission operators (same, exclusive, extra than, much less than,?)
Logical operators (and, or, now not)
different operators (in, is,?)
statistics collections (lists, tuples, units, and dictionaries)
Loops (if, whilst) and choice trees (if .. elif .. else)
item-oriented programming (instructions, objects, features,?)
Lambda features
Create modules and deploy new modules (pip)
textual content files (create, read, replace, delete,?)
Binary documents (pickle)
mistakes managing (if, except, else, ultimately)
regular expressions
manage JSON systems
Date and time codecs
Databases (create, consult, insert, modify, delete,?)
Graphical interface with the tkinter module
Generate documentation robotically
automatic assessments (doctest, unittest)
advanced functions (generator features, filter and map)
Numpy module (array handling)
Pandas module (collection and DataFrames for information analysis)
accumulate statistics from an HTML net web page and an EXCEL spreadsheet.
information managing (union, concatenation, clear out, grouping, aggregation)
Seaborn and matplotlib modules (histograms, distributions, regressions, warmth maps)

you may examine Python in a practical and simple manner, with brief motion pictures and greater than 100 examples !!

What you may learn
you may learn how to program in Python through simple and practical examples
Are there requirements to create a route?
No, there's no requirement for the route
who's this route for?
folks who are inquisitive about mastering approximately the Python programming language.

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