1. Description of the Python find() method

The Python find() method applied to a character string returns the smallest index of the substring if it is in this string. If the substring is not found, it returns -1.

2. Syntax

string. find(str, beg=0, end=len(string))

3. Parameters

  1. string: This specifies the string to search for.
  2. beg: This is the start index, default is 0.
  3. end: This is the end index, by default it is equal to the length of the string.

3. Return value

Index where the substring is found and -1 otherwise.


str1 = "Python is the most popular programming language"

print(str1.find(str2)) # displays: 2
print(str1.find(str2, 7)) # displays: 10
print(str1.find(str2, 47)) # displays: -1
print(str1.find(str2 , 5 , 31)) # displays: 10
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