Exercise 84

Create a Python function that accepts a string 's' as a parameter and produces a list containing all the characters that appear more than once in the given string.
For instance:

When the input string is s = "python language" the function should output the list ['n', 'a', 'g'].


def find_repeated_characters(s):
    # Create an empty list to store repeated characters
    repeated_characters = []

    # Create a set to keep track of characters that have been seen
    seen_characters = set()

    # Iterate through each character in the string
    for char in s:
        # Check if the character is already in the set (indicating repetition)
        if char in seen_characters and char not in repeated_characters:

    return repeated_characters

# Example usage
s = "python language"
result = find_repeated_characters(s)
print(result) # output : ['n', 'a', 'g']


Younes Derfoufi

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