An official PokéCon may not be in the cards according to the Pokémon Company, who seems to have highlighted that they really don’t see a need t have such a fan convention revolving around the brand. That might seem all the more surprising given the amount of buzz and popularity that has been circling their latest venture, which is Niantic’s augmented reality game called Pokémon GO. If you either don’t play mobile games or don’t surf the internet, there is still a small chance that you may have been able to dodge any news about the wildly popular title, but it’s pretty hard to miss that the game has taken the world by storm.

In addition to perhaps being surprising that The Pokémon Company may not see the need for a fan convention celebrating the franchise, it also may not be all that shocking, as physical conventions such as ComicCon and others tend to be limiting in that there is a cost associated with not only attending, but also for traveling to the location of the convention, which many people likely wouldn’t be able to do. In that respect, The Pokémon Company states that it is “prioritizing efforts to bring everything it does to everyone” on a simultaneous global scale, meaning that everyone around the globe who wants to participate can, and at the same time as everyone else.

To that end, The Pokémon Company has mentioned that geographic limitations is one reason why they prefer to do things online, simply because it affords the opportunity for many more people around the globe to enjoy whatever is happening with Pokémon, whether that’s a convention of sorts, or other type of event. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that there would never be an official Pokémon fan convention, as the company has considered it before. For those who are dedicated and enthusiastic Pokémon GO players that get excited about events, this means that in-person events will have to be limited to meet-ups and such which are put on by players or businesses in the community, much like has been seen with Niantic’s other popular game, Ingress.

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