Airdrie Savings Bank

Date of cut August 5

Cash Isa cut from 0.75pc to 0.5pc

90 day notice (premium) accounts cut to 0.05pc, 0.1pc, 0.15pc and 0.2pc depending on exact account

West Bromwich Building Society

Date of cut August 8

Easy access accounts cut by 0.2 percentage points to 0.05pc (Base Rate Tracker, Direct Tracker Saver, Oak Savings Account), and Premier Bonus Tracker Plus cut from 0.35pc to 0.1pc

Acorn Children's Regular Saver cut to 0.75pc from 1pc 

National Counties Building Society

Date of cut August 9

Notice accounts cut by 0.14 percentage points (Monthly High Income) and 0.15 percentage points (90 day accounts), now pay either 0.9pc or 1pc depending on exact account

Punjab National Bank

Date of cut August 10 (planned)

Variable Rate Cash Isa cutting by 0.4 percentage points, to 1.05pc

Date of cut September 20 (planned)

Easy access Isa cutting from 1.05pc to 0.5pc

Beverly Building Society

Date of cut August 15 (planned)

Easy access Isas cutting from 1.3pc and 1.4pc to 1.05pc and 1.15pc respectively

Reliance Bank

Date of cut September 1 (planned)

Easy access Isa cutting from 1pc to 0.5pc

Children's accounts cutting from 1.5pc to 1pc (KIDZ and TEENZ accounts)

Penrith Building Society

Date of cut September 1 (planned)

Notice accounts cutting by between 0.1 percentage points and 0.25 percentage points (affects Eden Shares 90 day, Beacon Shares, Monthly Income Shares, Eden Shares 30 day)

Easy access accounts cutting from 0.6pc to 0.5pc, and 0.8pc to 0.6pc (Instant Access Shares, depending on balance)

Easy access Isas cutting by 0.25 percentage points (Isa issue 2, APS Isa, Isa issue 1)

Regular savers cutting by 0.25 percentage points (Regular Saver 200) and 0.5 percentage points (Regular Saver 300)

Help to Buy Isa cutting from 4pc to 3pc

Junior Isa cutting from 2.25pc to 2pc

Children's accounts cutting by 0.25 percentage points (Junior Affinity Regular Saver) and 0.15 percentage points (Junior Saver Shares)

Dankse Bank

Date of cut September 18 (planned)

Easy access Isas cutting by 0.3 percentage points, 1.5 percentage points, and 0.6 percentage points, depending on exact account

Easy access account cutting from 0.5pc to 0.25pc


Date of cut September 30 (planned)

60 day notice account cutting from 1.35pc to 1pc

Al Rayan Bank

Date of cut November 11 (planned)

120 day notice account cutting from 1.8pc to 1.5pc

Notice cash Isa cutting from 2pc to 1.55pc

Are there any decent rates still out there?

Providers are expected to make further cuts in the next few weeks, so savers are advised to act quickly when they see a good fixed deal to guarantee the rate.

The best one-year bond pays 1.6pc and is offered by Ikea owned Ikano Bank. The Swedish provider is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which protects deposits of £75,000.

Instead Ikano subscribes to the European equivalent, which covers savings of up to €100,000. If the bank went bust you would claim in the same way as in the UK, although you could face language and exchange rate issues.

Paragon Bank’s one-year bond pays 1.55pc and is protected by the FSCS.

An 18-month bond offers a slightly higher rate – savers could get 1.65pc from the Bank of Cyprus UK.

Paragon Bank offers the best two-year bond, paying 1.8pc, and Ikano Bank’s three-year bond pays 1.9pc.

Rates on variable accounts can change at any time. Currently RCI Bank's easy-access Freedom Savings account pays the top rate of 1.45pc.

High-interest current accounts can pay up to 5pc on small balances; they include Nationwide's FlexDirect and TSB's Classic Plus account. These accounts can offer great returns to savers - as long as they last.

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