thePlatform-logothePlatform, a subsidiary of Comcast, is a leading provider of online video publishing and management, used by global video streaming services. The company is hiring for several engineering and management positions through GeekWork.

One position is the Client Integration Engineer (CIE), a hybrid role which combines core-programming, communication, and project management skills. The CIE engages thePlatform’s clients to design and implement end-to-end solutions.

The position requires strong experience with Java/Groovy and broad experience with web development tools, as well as strong communication and management skills.

Learn more and apply for the position on GeekWork, and also geekwork1see other listings from thePlatform.

That’s one of the current highlights from GeekWork, GeekWire’s job siteContinue reading for more of this week’s top openings, hand-picked from GeekWork’s featured listings, and search for more open positions here.

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Position: “Platform Engineer (Android)”

Summary: “WildTangent, Inc. is looking for an Platform Engineer (Android) for our AMP engineering team. AMP (App Management Platform) is an enterprise platform that facilitates distribution of Mobile Apps and creates a direct communications channel with the end user. An extensible platform by design, AMP allows the addition of modules to support enhanced offerings. This individual must be a highly motivated professional who enjoys working in a fast paced, agile development environment.”

Learn more and apply on GeekWork.

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)AI2 logo

Position: Software Engineer

Summary: “As an engineer at AI2, you’ll be working side-by-side with world-class researchers, helping to build state-of-the-art AI systems. We have projects focused on understanding and answering real-world questions, understanding pictures and videos, and building the world’s best academic search engine. Engineers build core infrastructure, research tools, and help out with just about every aspect of our work. There are also many opportunities to contribute directly to research – fresh ideas and enthusiasm are great additions to any team!”

Learn more and apply on GeekWork.

VulcanVulcan logo

Position: Executive Desktop Support Engineer

Summary: “We are looking to hire an Executive Desktop Support Engineer to provide internal technical support for company executives’ workstation issues and projects.  The position offers resolution and options to known technical challenges by performing first, second and third level troubleshooting to gain the best possible outcome for the executive.  This position is also responsible for keeping abreast of emerging technologies and providing proactive options on how these emerging technologies can be used to improve the executive’s efficiency and productivity. ”

Learn more and apply on GeekWork.


Position: UI Developer

Summary: “Would you like to join one of the fastest growing and exciting startups in Seattle?   Our team is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic developer who love to create elegant, robust, user-centric software. Working as part of a small but highly skilled team of peers, developers will do rapid prototyping and testing to innovate new features, optimize existing ones and drive improvements in the overall performance of our product.”

Learn more and apply on GeekWork.

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