Pokemon GO is the only Pokemon game to ever take place in the real world, and what a different world it is from the ones found inside GameBoys, DSes, and 3DSes. From the small towns of Kanto to the bustling cities and long routes of Unova, Pokemon Centers are everywhere. In every town, along some routes, and even in some places in between, and for good reason; aside from buying up expensive potions, Pokemon Centers are the only way for Pokemon to heal after hard battles. While your Pokemon can sustain damage from gym battles in Pokemon GO, your phone tends to sustain more damage in the form of battery drain. Killing the battery on your main communication device while in an unfamiliar part of town is exactly what Pokemon GO is good at, but that’s not very convenient.

Because of this conundrum, one of the artists who worked on Minecraft, Spencer Kern, decided to take matters into his own hands and bring the Pokemon Centers found in the games into the real world, but in a much more concrete form than the Pokemon you can find on your phone. Or, a much more wooden with 3D-printed accents form, to be exact. Kern’s Pokemon Center was painstakingly built, mostly from the ground up, and can charge up 10 to 12 phones at a time thanks to a gigantic solar battery pack and generator held inside.

The monster Pokemon Center was painstakingly crafted and took a whole lot of woodworking, gluing, sanding, and other such considerations to put together. Luckily for any particularly bold PokeFans who happen to also be into DIY, Kern has posted the entire process online for any and all to see and copy. While the resource intensity and ease of theft may not make this a popular item to see popping up in public spaces, it’s entirely possible for somebody to make their own the same way that Kern made his, then simply haul it around town with them on their Pokemon adventures, or stop off with it at a junction of lured PokeStops to share the energy with surrounding trainers whose phones, Pokemon, and legs are more than likely all worn out.

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