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More developers use Google Cloud Platform to run their containerized applications (52 percent) than either Microsoft Azure (49 percent) or Amazon Web Services (43 percent), according to a  a freely downloadable infographic released today by Seattle container-acceleration firm Shippable.

The survey of 300 developers found that though only 14 percent are now using containers in development or test environments, 89 percent are likely to increase their use of containers within the next year. Those not using containers most often cited as reasons their lack of in-house skills, the technology’s immaturity, inappropriate infrastructure, fear of security risks and unclear ROI.

Google also led as a container registry, with 54 saying they use it, versus 45 percent for Amazon’s EC2 and 34 percent for Docker Hub. Fully 58 percent of respondents said they use GitHub as a resource or tool, while 27 percent use Atlassian, 23 percent each use Jenkins and Puppet and 19 percent use Chef.

Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) said they’re shipping new software faster because of container technology.

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