Gary Price, clerk of the works, said the new LEDs took six days to install over the course of two months. 

He said: "It was a very pleasing project to do and took us about 6 days on and off, starting on 24 February this year and finishing the first lighting set up on 9 April.  

"We then got our donor Robert in to take a look at it and we tweaked the angles whilst he stood down below directing us. 

"The most important thing was to ensure that nothing could be seen from the ground. The source of the illumination needed to be invisible making the overall effect far more powerful and mystical."

Canon Edward Probert, chancellor and sub-dean of Salisbury Cathedral, welcomed Mr Stiby’s generosity and said the volunteer - like many others - was the “lifeblood of our community”.  

He added: "In this case, it means that what was once clothed in darkness is now illuminated and the formerly hidden glory of the medieval structure can be seen.”

Mr Stiby was given an OBE for his services to the broadcasting industry in 2007. He was awarded the medal after a successful career which began when he helped to found Capital Radio and Talk Radio in 1972.

For nearly 30 years he was chief executive of The Local Radio Company and he played a part in the founding of more than 30 local radio stations across the country.

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