Both sides in the conflict have been accused of killing civilians and violating international law. But the UN has said the vast majority of civilian deaths have been caused by airstrikes from the coalition, which is supported by the US. 

Saudi Arabia has fought hard against criticisms of its attacks in Yemen and earlier this year allegedly pressured the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, to remove the coalition from a blacklist of groups that kill children during war.        

A report released this week by the Saudi-led coalition largely cleared itself of wrongdoing during eight high-profile bombings and concluded that all "safety procedures implemented by coalition forces adhered to international humanitarian law". 

The report looked at a number of cases when the UN or humanitarian organisations have accused the coalition of killing civilians or bombing hospitals and humanitarian structures. 

The report argued that in six of the eight cases the bombings had been totally justified because of military targets hiding in civilian areas, including hospitals. 

In one of the bloodiest incidents, coalition aircraft struck a crowded market in March, killing 106 civilians, according to the UN. The coalition report concluded that there were "huge numbers" of Houthi rebels in the market, making it a justified target.   

The UN said there was "no evidence" of military personnel inside the market and called the coalition's distinction making between civilians and military targets "at best woefully inadequate".

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