The AZ Screen Recorder is a four-button menu, the first one allows you to capture your videos, the second to access the settings settings, the third one to recover The videos recorded and finally the last one simply leaves the application. Another function is also available to you to be able to record the sound if you wish.

Free in its basic version, AZ Screen Recorder for Android also has a paid version offering additional options.

AZ Screen Recorder is the best application to record your screens under Lollipop. It DOES NOT require root access, it has no recording time limit, no watermark, no ads, and is very easy to use thanks to its start & stop function to start and stop the recordings.
This screen recording application will allow you to make beautiful videos by providing you with all the features you need, all with a design and a simple and elegant design.

AZ Screen Recorder will allow you to record your screen in HD quality and Full HD. In addition, it is the only application on the Android market, which allows to pause and resume video recordings.
You can record audio from your device's microphone and it will automatically be integrated into your videos. This application will be ideal for creating tutorials, promotional videos, comments on your games and gameplay or for recording video chat.
The floating window that will always remain in the foreground, will allow you to start the video recording at the exact moment you want and on any screen.
In the settings, you can activate the display of your touch so that people watching your videos know exactly what you are doing.
You will also find many other features. The choice of video resolution, bit rate, screen orientation, custom timer to set automatic record stop, backup directory, preview, share or delete your videos. All of these features are free!

Our goal is to develop the best free screen recorder, which will make everyone satisfied.
 If you want to support us and / or if you want to upgrade AZ Screen Recorder to the pro version, you can donate and get super cool and unique features that can not be found on any other screen recorder on the market :
★ Magic Button: A button that controls your recording without displaying anything on the screen. So your viewers will only focus on the app, the game or whatever else you record.
★ Superposition of the front camera: You can record your face and emotions in a small inlaid window that can be moved freely on the screen. You can also customize the size and opacity of the window.
★ Countdown: Do you have something to prepare before check-in? Do not worry, the countdown will wait until you are ready to start and the recording will begin at the time you set.
★ Draw on screen: This unique feature is huge when you do a tutorial. You can accentuate, draw a symbol or mark something with the color of your choice, directly on your screen.
★ Video Trimming: Recording may be long and contain unnecessary information. With this feature, you can cut the parts you do not want to appear on your videos.

A big thanks to Bruno Mioto, Jose Castillo, droidiat, Chau Thai and Simon Mehringer for helping us translate this application into Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, German, French and Korean.

If you have comments, bug reports, suggestions or if you can help with translations, please contact us at

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