About Google Allo

Google Allo is an instant messaging application as its name suggests by Google.
Promising to make conversation easier and improve productivity, Google Allo integrates Google Assistant, the smart virtual assistant for Google. Thanks to it, you can get answers to your requests directly in your discussions. It is thus possible to plan a lunch or dinner so that Google automatically suggests restaurants nearby to make a reservation.

Google Allo also has the Smart Reply feature that allows you to answer certain messages without even having to enter text. The function learns from your habits and automatically suggests responses that can match.
Google Allo also allows you to annotate your photos and images exchanged with your interlocutor by providing a toolkit. Google Allo also allows you to differentiate according to whether you want your messages to have a more or less calm resonance. You can increase or decrease the text size with a simple finger swipe.
Google Allo promises you the best way to manage your privacy. Your conversations are protected by an end-to-end encryption system. Finally, the application also allows you to choose a length of time during which your messages remain accessible and proposes to use a system of private notifications to hide your conversations to any eyes that could drag on your back.

What can Google All do

Allo is a smart messaging app designed to be simple, reliable and fun. Express yourself with stickers, drawings, and also with text and HUGE emoji. With Allo, discover the Google Wizard.


Leave room for your creativity by drawing or adding text on the photos you send.


With each message, his sticker. In Google Allo, stickers are designed by independent artists and studios from around the world.

CRYZ or whisper

Gone are the CAPITALS to make you understand. Say it aloud or bass by sliding your finger across the screen to change the text size.

Suggested answer

Ready-made answers are available to you. The Suggested Answer function is enriched over time.

Get to know your Google Wizard

Find answers to your questions and make plans with your friends without leaving the conversation in progress. Simply enter @google, and the wizard is ready to help you.

Fashion incognito

Send end-to-end encrypted messages, use private notifications to chat discreetly, and control how long your messages will last by setting an expiration time.


Some features are not available in all countries.

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