BlackBerry will see major profits in the coming years due to its recently struck deal with Optiemus Infracom, the largest original design manufacturer (ODM) in India, some industry analysts believe. The Canadian company’s hardware partner revealed that it’s planning to sell two million BlackBerry devices in the South Asian country over the course of this year and generate $350 million of revenue in the process. While the ODM has yet to reveal the specifics of its plans for BlackBerry-branded devices, the company’s long track record with contract manufacturing work in India and its recently established joint venture with Wistron Corporation give some industry watchers plenty of reasons for optimism.

Due to that state of affairs, Optiemus Infracom’s ambitious projection is being seen as feasible by a number of analysts, especially given the company’s strong financial backing and massive manufacturing capacity. The aforementioned joint venture with Wistron Corporation will likely lead to the Taiwanese tech giant manufacturing new BlackBerry-branded phones intended for the Indian market, while Optiemus Infracom would distribute and promote the handsets. According to previous reports, the companies are planning to launch two BlackBerry smartphones in the South Asian country by the end of the year, though no hardware details on the devices have yet been given. Still, the Indian ODM previously said that both handsets will compete in the mid-range segment of the market that encompasses devices priced at between $300 and $615.

BlackBerry had a market presence in India for years now and hasn’t diminished its focus on the country even when it was still dealing with its struggling, now-discontinued hardware division. The South Asian country is an attractive marker for most phone vendors in the world seeing how it’s still growing at a rapid pace and sees demand for a wide variety of handsets, from feature phones to flagships. According to recent estimates, consumers in India will purchase between 120 million and 130 million smartphones in 2017, and most consumer electronics manufacturers cannot resist the opportunity to fight for a share of that massive market despite the fact that it’s becoming more competitive by the day. An update on BlackBerry’s operations in India is expected to follow soon.

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