With ScanWritr scan your documents and add your signature. This application that recognizes most formats offers many features.
Scanwtitr is a complete application that allows you to scan, sign and even send your documents. This all-in-one application will only require a few steps to add your signature to your documents. All steps can be done from the application and only your smartphone will be needed. You have the choice of scanning your signature or creating it directly on your touchscreen. You can sign any type of documents (PDF, Word, Excel, Jpeg, and many others). But you can also scan your document directly with the application. The scan tool is simple to use and the rendering will be optimal. Once you have signed your document, you can share it or export it easily.

Here's what ScanWritr can do for you:

- Scan documents quickly using the camera.
- Convert and open most document formats easily.
- Organize and store documents in multiple local archives and on the cloud.
- Edit, complete, sign and annotate documents.
- Improve document quality and edit.
- Print, fax and e-mail documents to your partners and customers.
- Synchronize documents between phones, tablets and computers.
- Share notes, pages and tickets with friends and colleagues.
- Export documents to the most popular applications and services.

ScanWritr is perfect for business, education and home use. It transforms your Android device with a camera into an all-in-one scanner, document editor and archiving tool suitable for scanning, organizing, editing, printing, faxing, sending E-mail, synchronization with the cloud, sharing and exporting various documents, articles, business cards, notes, receipts, warranty papers, etc. Image capture is performed using real-time contour detection (automatic cropping).

This scanning application also has excellent import options. It imports a variety of document formats, such as PDF, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents (* .odt, * .ods, * .odp), Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Hancom documents (*. Hwp), JPEG and PNG images, CSV and more.

ScanWritr allows you to edit scanned and imported documents as an image. You can add a signature, annotate, use the gum or pen, and fill in the blanks using the writing tool. Convert the scanned document to PDF or JPG format, save it in your phone's gallery, e-mail it, fax it, print it (with Cloud Print help), or synchronize and save it On Dropbox or Google Drive.

Support for document synchronization with cloud storage providers Dropbox and Google Drive enables you to:

- Share documents with members of your family or work team.
- Save your documents remotely.
- Synchronize folders to bidirectional sharing.
- Access your documents, and edit and convert them anytime and anywhere, from any device, including smartphones, tablets and PCs.
- Transfer documents between your devices (phones, tablets and PC).

Some services (eg, faxing and converting) require a network connection, for which the user's phone charges may apply.
Sending faxes with ScanWritr required the purchase of fax tokens.
All limitations of this free version can be removed at any time by making an integrated purchase.


Document synchronization with cloud storage providers (Dropbox and Google Drive) enables you to:
- Share documents with members of your family or work team.
- Perform remote backup of your documents.
- Synchronize folders to bidirectional sharing.
- Access your documents, and edit and convert them anywhere, anytime, from any device, including smartphones and tablets.


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