Google is currently in the process of testing a new user interface (UI) design of the Google app and its mobile web search, some users are reporting. The experimental design is noticeably more washed out and less colorful than the old one, as the blue hyperlinks in search results have been replaced with simple black links that look like regular writing in the Google app and are presented in a shade of powder blue in the web Search interface. Furthermore, both versions of the company’s Search engine now display hyperlinks of articles above their titles instead of below like they did so far. Finally, the Search field located on the top of the main interface of the Google app now seems somewhat larger, though the difference is only noticeable when the experimental version of the mobile tool is compared with the previous one side-by-side.

It’s currently unclear how many users are affected by the change, though Google’s new test doesn’t seem to be a beta-only thing as even some people running a stable build of the app are reporting that they’re seeing the new interface. The redesign seemingly started rolling out in the last 12 hours, likely through a server-side switch, but the Mountain View-based Internet giant has yet to clarify on the matter and explain whether the new interface is just an experiment launched with the goal of collecting user feedback, or a sure sign of things to come. While the washed-out Search results look more consistent than their predecessors, some users are complaining that they’re harder to navigate, especially in light of the fact that the design of Google’s Search results hasn’t changed in a while now and many people have gotten used to the old interface. Refer to the gallery below to see how the new Google app and mobile Search present results.

Seeing how the Alphabet-owned company was experimenting with a similar Search results design on desktop last year and has ultimately decided against implementing it, the interface that’s now showing up to some mobile users may never be rolled out worldwide. Regardless, an update on the situation should follow shortly.

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