Create a newsletter is the project of many webmasters who wish to develop their site. Indeed, this is an essential step, which will propel your site to the higher level of its development.

Retain your readers thanks to a newsletter

One of the best reasons to create a newsletter is the loyalty of readers. Contacting them by email is one of the most effective ways to keep them up-to-date. The newsletter is very different from spam, as each reader has voluntarily subscribed. However, if he registered, it is because he is interested in the theme of your website. Take care to send informative emails related to the theme of your site. In this way, you will see your traffic increase after each newsletter, because subscribers will be more likely to visit your site.

Establish a relationship of trust

Thanks to the modern newsletter services, it is possible to personalize each shipment. Thus each subscriber will be able to see his first name in the emails received, without you having to send hundreds of different emails. This is done fully automatically. As a result, you can personally contact each of your subscribers. You will see that he will answer you from time to time.
Moreover, thanks to the autoresponder functionality, (which can be found for example in services like Aweber) you can automatically send a series of emails to each new registrant. As soon as it subscribes, the visitor receives every 3 or 4 days (or whatever depending on what you choose) an email, previously written.
Not only can you build trust with your subscribers, but you can do it in a completely automated way. you only have to write the series of emails once.

Turn your visitors into satisfied customers.

Thanks to the newsletter, and to the relationship of trust that you have built with your subscribers, know that they will be more inclined to buy the products that you will advise them. If these products are related to the theme of your site, they will be even more qualified to eventually buy. The newsletter is therefore a powerful tool to develop monetization of your site.

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