If you do not use e-mail marketing on your site or blog, you lose a lot of your traffic but also a lot of money.

So, how to multiply by at least 10 his traffic with emailing? It's very simple and that's what we'll see now in this article:

What is important to understand is that on the Internet, if you do not capture the e-mail address of your visitors, you can not contact them again later. Once gone, it's over, you lost contact with them.

E-mail marketing allows you to return to your site some of the visitors who would never have returned to it. You can also choose the web page you want them to visit, which is an important advantage.

It is a permanent means of contact that allows you to bring almost your visitors back to your website or blog. If you do an advertising campaign, for example, and you do not set up an effective means of capture, you lose your time and money because your visitors will in most cases forget about you immediately after closing the page of your site. web.

On the other hand, if you set up an efficient capture system, you will be able to transform this "unique" traffic into recurring traffic! You will indeed be able to relaunch the people who will be registered on your lists and thus increase your traffic without having to spend again in a paid campaign.

There are many techniques that capture e-mail addresses of visitors to a site but they are often poorly understood. Yet it is one of the most important phases if you want to succeed in business. If we want to see his traffic increase significantly by having the opportunity to contact the people who have visited our site and who have registered in our list of prospects, it is essential to control this part.

So how? Just follow this completely free course on the subject:

In my opinion, never on the French market such a comprehensive course on e-mail marketing was offered for free. From what I understand, in addition to the free PDF course, there will also be free webinars available to those who will have downloaded it!

E-mail marketing is certainly the key to any online business so it seems to me that what we offer here free Stéphane and Luc Action Web is absolutely great. I advise you to enjoy it while it's free, you never know

Younes Derfoufi

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