A report surfaced quite recently, and said that Meizu is planning to split into two divisions, Meizu and Blue Charm. Well, it seems like the company has now officially announced that they’ve decided to split into three entities, at least according to a report by Anzhuo. According to the source, Meizu is dividing into Meizu, Blue Charm and Flyme divisions, which is quite interesting. This move will also see some reshuffling when it comes to the company’s executives, of course, read on.

The company’s CEO, President and Chairman, Jack Wong (also known as Huang Zhang) will keep his place, of course, and will pay close attention to all three divisions. He will also pay close attention to Meizu’s high-end products, and make sure that they’re up to the standard. Now, the company’s Vice President (VP), Li Nan, will head the company’s Blue Charm division, as its president. He will also be in charge of branding, sales and marketing for the company, which is a job he’s very familiar with, considering he has been Meizu’s VP for sales and marketing for a long time now. Bai Yongxiang, who acted in Jack Wong’s place, while he was away, will become a President of the Meizu division, and will report only to Jack Wong, same as Li Nan. Now, as far as the company’s Flyme division is concerned, Yang Yan will become its President. Yang Yan was a Vice President of Meizu for a while now, and he will head the company’s new division, which is kind of what he has been doing thus far, as he was Meizu’s main man when it comes to software development.

These changes don’t exactly come as a surprise for the company considering that Meizu grew quite a bit in the last 5 years or so, and they obviously need some reorganizing in order to keep pushing solid products out the market, and to increase their growth even further. Now, as many of you probably already know, Meizu’s Blue Charm division will be in charge of releasing budget smartphones to the market, devices like the Meizu M5 and Meizu M5 Note. Those two phones, and other phones from the company’s M line of products are actually called ‘Blue Charm’ devices in China, which is why the division is named ‘Blue Charm’. Flyme division will be in charge of software development, as Meizu develops its very own Flyme OS for Android smartphones. Speaking of which, the company released Flyme OS 6 for 60 third-party smartphones earlier today, if that’s something you’re interested in. And finally, the Meizu division, this division will be in charge of everything else, basically, from the company’s flagship phones, to other products and dealings of the entire company.

Source : www.androidheadlines.com

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