Google Drive and its related online services Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are now being used by millions of people around the world. Google Drive is also an important component of the search giant’s cloud computing and productivity platform, GSuite, with its familiar design and feature set enticing companies and schools to switch to Google’s platform. While inherently simple to use, Google Drive also supports a number of somewhat hidden functionalities that can help you perform certain tasks a lot faster.

One of the extremely important features of Google Drive is its offline mode, which allows files to be stored and edited offline by activating the said feature in the web application’s settings. This resolves one of the disadvantages of cloud storage solutions in which files become inaccessible once the user loses internet connection. Another useful feature is automatic syncing between devices like laptops and desktops using a downloadable desktop client. Meanwhile, a paint format option is also available in Google Drive, which allows users to copy document formats without copying the actual document contents. Account owners who want to manage the limited storage capacity available to them can see file sizes by hovering their cursor above storage quota box and clicking the “i” button that appears.

Furthermore, users who have their hands full with numerous tasks may take advantage of Google Docs’ voice typing option which can be accessed from the tools menu in the application toolbar. Emulating Word’s feature of links that open files on the computer, Google Docs can also perform the same functionality that’s offered in the linking pop-in menu of the app. Meanwhile, Google Sheets users do not need to start from scratch when making spreadsheets as they may take advantage of templates available on Google Sheets front page for tasks like making monthly budgets and time sheets. Inserting images into a cell in the spreadsheet is also made easier by the IMAGE formula, which simply asks the users to paste the link of the desired image to the formula to load the image inside the cell. Finally, Google Slides users may find the master slide feature extremely helpful in editing presentation decks as it allows users to change backgrounds and formats at once.

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