In theory, we can not really talk about different types of affiliation but there are indeed different ways to put forward an affiliation.

The most common is obviously banner ads, as is the case just above. Nothing special to say about it, you can even consult the section provided for this purpose if you want more information.

On the other hand, the affiliation that I think is most effective is integrated affiliation. That is to say in relation to the site. Imagine that I want to push the affiliation related to my site even further: for example, I could create a section "Books on the web marketing" by making a selection of the best books on the subject. So after a short description, I will add links "Click here to order this book" referring to a commercial site. This is the integrated affiliation: put commercial links in relation to the information offered by the site, so as not to "pollute" visitors, thus letting hope a small profitability.

Finally, the most advanced affiliation is certainly the white marks. This beautiful term refers to the fact of integrating a shop to its website. Until now we put commercial links to commercial sites. Through a white label affiliation, the shop is an integral part of our site.

To this end, we find, and it is growing more and more, customizable mini shops to integrate directly on the sites. Amazon is the leader in this field and the most advanced in this field.

Thus, if I wanted to integrate a white label shop on my site, I would have only to add a link "Shop" on the side while copying the code provided by the merchant site proposing brand affiliation white. Easy, profitable but not necessarily in the context of a personalized offer.

Younes Derfoufi

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