The importance of planning will never be emphasized enough. Consider the failure of dot-coms in the year 2000 for example. Many of these companies have failed because of poor planning. Lack of knowledge of the market, competition and the environment are some of the factors that explain this failure, which could have been avoided proper planning. Thus, it is essential that in today's world of internet marketing, planning be done carefully. Consider the following steps in your business plan.

Research is the first key step in the process. You need to know your product, your company's competitors, your target market, and the capabilities of each of these elements. When planning, you should be able to list both the benefits and the potential disadvantages of the product or service you are selling. Through planning, you can avoid potential problems with a deficient product by developing ways to correct or even compensate for the deficiency.

Deciding what type of campaign you want to undertake is also very important. What is your budget ? What are your staffing needs? What will be the schedule for the marketing campaign? This will depend on your personal situation, and these points will need to be clarified when establishing the planning process. With these items in front of you, it will be much easier to see the obstacles you will have to overcome in order to start an effective marketing campaign
and bring it to term. Then do not forget, all this requires a joint effort. The marketing cell should not be the only one involved. Communication between all departments of your company is crucial in such a project.

Once you have started your campaign and it is running, make sure you follow your results. Various methods exist to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. However focus on certain aspects in particular, including sales and consumer satisfaction. No matter what kind of business you are in, these two parameters are important for refining your strategy.

When the campaign is over, do a comprehensive review of the overall process. Pay attention to the few signs of difficulties encountered and also to the points of excellence of the campaign and take note of them for your next campaign. Marketing is a learning process, every time you make this diagnosis, it will let you know where to put the focus next time.

Although this is a very brief overview of the process, a common thread should guide you through the entire sales process. Be attentive at every stage of the process: strengths and weaknesses of the company, your staff, the product and finally the market. Through this awareness, you will plan your process as a whole, and you will succeed in internet marketing.

Younes Derfoufi

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