Most people who are interested in this profession for the first time see in this one THE QUICK SOLUTION to their problem of end of the month, (unemployment, low wages, high rents)

If you are without resources, and without savings to meet your needs a few weeks or months, do not take the risk of investing your last savings in independent home sales. It would be dishonest to encourage you in this way and promise you that you will earn a lot of money in a short time and thus solve your money problems with a magic wand!

Network marketing is a real profession, so you have to train, know your product perfectly, (be customer first). Then you have to start your business, as if you were opening a business in town. That is to say: make a market study, compare the partner companies (your suppliers) the quality of their products, their conditions (commissions coming back to you, tools offered ...

Then you will need to invest a lot of time and money, but rest assured much less than to open a shop in town!

Beware of companies that charge you a high registration fee!

Sales material must not be sold more expensive than the cost price (catalogs, DVDs, purchase orders, samples)

An investment in the products especially if they require a demonstration is absolutely necessary!

To reduce the risks choose the products corresponding to your tastes or needs, so you can try, appreciate and advise your customers! the amount of this first order depends of course products, but invest a sum between 50 and 300 euros does not seem extraordinary to start his business! Many companies offer a guarantee of recovery in case of business interruption.

a tip: invest in a deferred debit blue card for not having to advance the money orders.

You now understand why many talk about scams when talking about network marketing, by ignorance of the profession. It is actually a lucrative business that requires time and a minimum of money at the start and can become a part-time or full-time job for motivated people. You have to have an entrepreneurial mentality to succeed, and the results are often related to the work provided.
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Younes Derfoufi

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