Exercise 49

  1. Write a Python program that allows you to create a file on desktop called myFile.txt and write on it the content s = 'Python is oriented programming language'. You must at first retrieve the username via the os.getlogin() method.
  2.  write a Python program to read the existing file on the desktop myFile.txt. 


# Question 1
# Importing required module
import os

# Retrieving the user name
user = os.getlogin()

# creating the file myFile.txt on desktop
file = open("C:/Users/" + user + "/Desktop/myFile.txt", 'w')

# writing on myfile.txt
s = 'Python is oriented programming language'

# Question 2
file = open("C:/Users/" + user + "/Desktop/myFile.txt", 'r')
#read myFile.txt and print its content
# Note: a file called myFile.txt is created on your desktop, you can see it

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